Create any image in Aitubo for Free

Free AI art generator for Game assets, Anime materials, Art styles, Character design, Product prototypes, Photographic works and even AI videos.

Well-chosen models and efficient AI tools
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Model library

A plethora of models to help you explore the infinite possibilities

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AI Generator

Efficiently generate material to help you build your game world

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AI Editor

Help you edit images more controllable with AI

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AI Talking Avatar

One-click custom personalized virtual avatar

Effortlessly upscale and enhance any image

Experience the cutting-edge power of AI technology, enabling ultra-high-resolution upscaling. Elevate beyond expectation with Aitubo! With your guidance and customizable parameters, immerse yourself in a world of illusions and reimagine every intricate detail to the fullest extent possible.

enhancer originenhancer result
enhancer left
enhancer right

Use outpaint to expand image like magic

Expand your images beyond your imagination with AI Outpainting! Select one or more directions for image expansion. The ultra-fast expansion speed meets your needs and the generation quality is beyond imagination.
outpaint step 1


Generate a base image

outpaint step 2


Choose the direction to expand

outpaint step 3


Quickly generate expanded images

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Chat with the AI Girlfriend of your dreams

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